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A Message from Rick... A Hand to Guide Me

A number of years ago, at Boys & Girls Clubs of America, we produced a book of mentorship stories titled A Hand to Guide Me. The cover featured Denzel Washington and his personal Club story and the impact it had on his life as the lead-off chapter. My story of mentorship is different than Denzel’s. Not having a youth club where I grew up outside of Chicago, it was up to me to “free-style” and find my own mentor, someone I could rely on to give me advice,  guidance and support. The fact is, throughout my lifetime there have been over 20 mentors that I would name as a “hand that guided me” and left a permanent imprint on my life.

Just last month one of these special mentors passed away, General Colin L. Powell. It was an honor during my first term as national board chairman of Boys & Girls Clubs of America to bring him on the board and serve with him. When he was appointed as Secretary of State, he resigned from the board … but he did not leave me as a friend and a mentor. At times, when I was dealing with a complex problem or a challenging issue, he would say “Rick, come to Washington and over to my house. We can talk about it together.”


Just days before his tragic passing in October, and true to his form, the General called me to check how Susan and I were doing. We were even discussing getting together with his lovely wife Alma and him at our farm just a few hours outside Washington DC. I will always remember and treasure those moments of conversation with my friend.


Some months back I reached out to our WFYC President, Glenn Permuy, mid-day on his mobile phone. He was attending a luncheon with alumni from his many days of coaching young people and as director of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Tampa, Florida. I asked Glenn how old the “kids” were now. He laughed and said, “They are all over 40 years old!” That’s a lot of years of mentoring! I can guarantee you that Glenn’s voicemail is jammed every Father’s Day with dozens of messages from the “kids” he touched in his career in the service of youth. Not a surprise!


Today, if you consider the nearly 3,500 clubs around the world that are members of WFYC, and an average of 5 staff members and volunteers in each of those clubs that are closely involved in the mentorship of the young people, on average 1 for every 20 youth, you begin to catch the vision of these mentorship repeater stations.


The caring adults who serve as mentors are the “not-so-secret-sauce” that make our youth clubs important.

Rick Goings
Co-Founder and Board Chairman
Staff Announcement:
Welcome Jacob Michaels!
Jacob Michaels recently joined the WFYC team as Director of Finance & Operations. He joins us with over a decade of nonprofit experience across three states and two countries. Most recently he was with the Dr. Phillips Center, but he has also managed projects and programs with CareerSource Central Florida, Clean the World, and the YMCA. He is excited to be joining WFYC and furthering our mission. Welcome Jacob!
Congratulations to Club de Niños y Niñas México on a successful national convention! This annual event was a huge success. The team surpassed their record-breaking 2020 attendance with more than 40 attendees per session. Click here to view these informational sessions.
Tips for Youth Development Leaders
From Glenn Permuy, President & CEO
1. Board Member expectations/ requirements should include an annual "give" and "get" dollar figure that board members need to secure, meeting attendance (committee and board), and identification of possible board members and/or donors and the ability to accompany them on a Clubhouse tour. Securing dollars for the organization's operating budget is a key aspect of what Board Members should be doing... Click to read more
Tuesday, December  21
11:00 AM EST | UTC-5
All Affiliate Members, Collaborators for Good, Sister Clubs, partners, and friends are invited to join us for this special celebration as we reach the end of 2021.
Bring your challenges and successes from the past year (and your favorite drink!) to join in on this fun and festive session. We can't wait to celebrate your success and have you connect directly with your counterparts around the world. Click to register for this event on Zoom! 
Tuesday, November 30

GivingTuesday is a global generosity movement that celebrates all acts of giving. This is a great opportunity for youth development organizations around the world to share their mission, cultivate donors, and support youth efforts to give back to their communities.


Acts of generosity help shape the world, so there are no rules for how to participate in GivingTuesday. We encourage all Affiliate Members to click here to learn more about GivingTuesday and download resources to help you celebrate the day.

Mark your calendars for the 3rd Annual WFYC International Conference: March 1 through March 3! All members of the WFYC network are invited to participate in this informational and inspirational event that will feature experts, colleagues, and special guests sharing best practices in youth development. Registration opens in December!
Through 4‑H programs, youth receive guidance from adult mentors, take on proactive leadership roles, and complete hands-on projects in areas like health, science, agriculture, and civic engagement. They have several online resources available that WFYC members can access.
Click here to discover engaging activities focused on STEM, space exploration, crafts, gardening, and a variety of agricultural areas. These great activities are for ages 4 to 18 and can be completed in clubs or at home! 
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