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A Message from Dawn... On Storytelling

If storytelling is important to advancing an organization’s mission, why don’t social good organizations and non-profits spend more time investing in messaging that inspires and motivates others to join their cause? There is a misconception that organizations need communications experts to craft the perfect story and to do so continuously. That is not accurate. Anyone in your organization can and should contribute to storytelling. An organization with a clear view of their work can tell their story in the way that’s compelling and authentic. 

There are a few basics when it comes to storytelling. Most importantly, you must humanize your stories. The audience needs to connect with and relate to what you are sharing. Andy Goodman, a consultant in public interest communications, recently sat down for interview with The Bridgespan Group for a conversation on How to Create Nonprofit Stories that Inspire. Goodman writes, “good stories are always people stories.” and suggest that you must start by finding the story’s main character and then the setting, a fixed time, and the place. Then, as in most great stories, you must identify the obstacle or issue to be overcome. 


Describe the obstacles and barriers with as much clarity as possible to help create an emotional response from the audience. Look for those “against the odds” moments and explain how your main character overcame such odds. Mr. Goodman notes that this a critical part of the storytelling process that many non-profits skip over. Do not leave out these critical story components. This leads to the final stage of the storytelling process where you celebrate the character’s achievement with the assistance of your organization. Goals were met, problems were solved, and lessons were learned. Mr. Goodman calls these steps “The Basic Rules of Storytelling”. Click here to access this article on The Bridgespan Group’s website. Then brainstorm with members of your team about possible stories that can help demonstrate the power of your mission. You might be surprised by how many compelling stories your team shares!


Speaking of storytelling, we received dozens and dozens of exceptional nominations for the inaugural 2021 WFYC Promise Awards. Please save the date of September 14th for the Promise Awards Celebration. We hope you will join us in celebrating stories of inspiration, hope, and determination from our members around the world.  

Dawn Nagy
WFYC Director of Strategic Advancement
New Affiliate Showcase

Welcome to our new affiliate member, Metro Detroit Youth Clubs!

Metro Detroit Youth Clubs (MDYC) empowers youth to reach their full potential through quality programs and opportunities that open doors to a bright future. Their vision is to empower every Club member through safe and impactful experiences, graduate from high school with a plan for college or a career, contribute to their community, and live a healthy life. 2,200 members are enrolled in 5 Club sites with 5,000 additional youth served through community outreach programs. Click here to learn more about MDYC.

International Youth Day

WFYC Affiliate members around the world celebrated International Youth Day on August 12. From Liberia to Ghana and Chile to Colombia, clubs had the opportunity to celebrate and honor their youth! Through in-person and online events, club youth celebrated their day with community service projects, art projects, tree plantings, sports competitions, and music and dance exercises.  


WFYC celebrated the day by sharing the missions of our member organizations on social media and offering the opportunity for members to receive mini-grants. Grant recipients include: 


Tardes Sin Edades in Chile. Youth particpated in expressive drawing exercises via Zoom.


Club de Niños y Niñas de Nuevo León ABP in Mexico. Teens participated in discussions on pollution, climate change, and an intergenerational dialogue on protecting youth from abuse. 


Boys and Girls Club of Liberia. Youth supported their community by filling potholes on the major roads in Gbarnga.

Tips and Tools
August 2021 Tips For Youth Development Leaders
Glenn Permuy | President & CEO
1. Implement the “mystery customer” concept within your organization. It is important to “inspect what you expect”. That is sometimes difficult when you oversee the organization and are known to your staff and volunteers. But there is a method that allows for evaluating a potential new customer experience. Arrange for someone you know to interact with your clubs or locations indicating that they want information on the services provided. Every parent, guardian, and child wants to know if your programs are safe, clean, and fun. Whether in-person or via phone, its important to know what’s going well for staff interactions with potential new “customers”... Read More
The Power of Social Entrepreneurship
Click here to watch the engaging WFYC Webcast conversation with Erin Magada, Co-Director of Petros Zoe Initiative in Uganda, and Bala Mulloth, Assistant Professor of Public Policy at the University of Virginia's Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy. Learn how Social Entrepreneurship initiatives can help drive innovation, create revenue and economic impact in local communities, and hear a success story direct from one of WFYC’s Affiliate Members.
Upcoming Events and Programs
Making Youth Employment a Priority
Thursday, August 26
11:00 AM (Eastern U.S. & Canada)
Click here for the time zone converter

Join WFYC for a conversation with Susana Puerto from Decent Jobs for Youth. Unemployment affects 67.6 million young people around the world. Numbers vary drastically by region, but there is an increasing need to help young people enter into, and remain in, employment. This need is further complicated by the ongoing pandemic and resulting global economic challenges. In this session, participants will learn about global youth employment trends and steps youth organizations can take to help young people become educated, trained, and employed.

WFYC Promise Awards Celebration
Tuesday, September 14
10:00 AM Eastern U.S./Canada (UTC-4)
WFYC is excited to announce the date for the inaugural Promise Awards Celebration. We received extraordinary nominations for this program and are eager to share the stories of youth and youth development programs from around the world.
Check your email inboxes on Friday, August 27 for your invitation to this inspiring celebration. We hope you'll join us in honoring and elevating youth!
WFYC September Webcast
Thursday, September 23
11:00 AM (Eastern U.S. & Canada)
Save the date for WFYC's September Webcast where we'll discuss a topic all of our affiliate members can benefit from: revenue generation! This session will feature great tips and insights from Bernard Boudreaux, Director, New Strategies at Georgetown University, McDonough School of Business - Business For Impact.
Full details will be announced in September. 
Collaborator Resources

Sea Research Foundation (SRF) focuses on conservation, education, research, and youth development. To offer support for in-person, socially distanced, and at-home programming, SRF has gathered a wide variety of resources in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) on their STEM for Kids webpage. This is a great resource for STEM games, videos, virtual field trips, hands-on activities, e-books, podcasts, and more. 


Resources include activities for all ages that can be done as a group or at home. Do you have youth interested in coding, space, or farming? Visit the STEM for Kids webpage and check out some of our favorites below:


International Space Station Tour


UK Natural History Museum Tour


Canadian Farm Tours


Tembe Elephant Park in South Africa and other Livecams (gorillas, cats, and penguins!)

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