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A Message from Mark... On the Rise of Child Labor

“The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members,” is one of my favorite Gandhi quotes. Another often used expression is a community should be judged by how it treats its elderly and its children. A report co-released last month by UNICEF and the International Labor Organization (ILO) as part of World Day Against Child Labor presents stark findings in child labor trends.  


For more than a decade, the world made steady progress toward the stated goal to end child labor by 2025, in accordance with the United Nations Sustainability Development Goal (SDG - 8.7). The 2020 study published in June 2021 notes that global progress has stalled, and COVID-19 will likely push about 9 million more children into child labor. These figures paint a disturbing picture which should be used as a clarion call for leaders of youth organizations, governments, and businesses to act.

Currently, there are 160 million children around the world who are forced into child labor. That’s 97 million boys and 63 million girls, according to the UNICEF/ILO study. Half of these children perform labor tasks considered to be highly dangerous and/or hazardous to their well-being. There are bright spots in places like Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean that have witnessed declining child labor numbers. Unfortunately, there are more children in child labor in sub-Saharan Africa than the rest of the world combined.


What’s driving this trend? Most child labor occurs in the agriculture sector. This is especially true for boys, while girls tend to be used for more domestic work. More concerning is the fact that 83% of child labor takes place within families among children ages 5-11. This excludes young people from pursuing their education and participating in after-school programs offered by WFYC Member Clubs. These are complex economic and family dynamics and addressing them must include addressing both the needs of a family and that of the child. 


A road ahead. We all need to be more aware of the issues that lead to child labor and ways that we can help protect child rights. The ILO report provides important insights on the immediate steps needed. Our WFYC Member Organizations can promote back-to-school campaigns, provide assistance to families, and design remedial learning experiences for young people. Don’t hesitate to promote your ability to provide a stable, nurturing, and positive environment for children. We also suggest you access child labor statistics in your country and map the ways your Club counteracts any alarming trends. 

Mark Shamley
WFYC Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Staff Announcement
Welcome Tim Richardson!
Tim Richardson joins the WFYC team as Mission Advancement Advisor. His career includes 40 years of experience in organizational, youth, program, and resource development with organizations like Boys & Girls Clubs of America, The First Tee, A Bridge to Cross, and General Organization for Youth and Sports. Please join us in welcoming Tim to the WFYC family. We look forward to his contributions to our mission!
Sister Club Showcase
Mike McTernan, CEO of Boys & Girls Clubs of South Africa (BGCSA) was recently traveling in the U.S. when he met with Misti Potter, CEO of Boys & Girls Clubs of the Austin Area (BGCAA) in Texas. Mike visited BGCAA headquarters to explore how the two organizations could work together better and met with Austin staff working on teen interventions, a strategic focus area for BGCSA. The Austin staff were warm, welcoming, and happy to share ideas and resources on how to better engage teens. The two staff teams now have ongoing meetings and there are many ideas in the pipeline for how to connect their kids through Club exchanges and eSport/online league competitions.
If you are interested in learning more about Sister Clubs or other ways to partner with member organizations, please click here to connect with the WFYC team.
Affiliate Voices

Like so many other WFYC members, Boys & Girls Club of Rosarito has been navigating the difficulties of serving underprivileged kids during the pandemic. But the team has been hard at work and has reopened the Club to help create great futures for their kids. Their team has started on a smaller scale as they incorporate all the necessary protocols and they are currently offering academic, sports, and cultural workshops like swimming, music, English, and dance.

Thanks to a sponsor, they have even finished construction of a new wing (that includes administrative offices, an infirmary, a theatre, and a public library!) which will allow them to serve more kids. Their solar power can no longer fully serve the expanded Club, so they are in the process of raising funds through their “Let There Be Light” initiative to install full electricity. We’re excited to see the impact they will have as they reopen and offer more services.


To learn more about the club, volunteer, or donate to the Let There Be Light effort, please visit their website or email Club President Rosy Torres and watch her video on ways to get involved. 

Inspirational Notes

James Otoo was a member of the Boys and Girls Club of Ghana (BGCG) where he was part of the Youth Leadership and Mentoring Club. He benefited from the club’s career guidance, mentoring, leadership talks, and volunteer activities. James successfully completed senior high school as one of the top students in his class. Through BGCG’s encouragement and support with important school needs like a laptop, books, and school supplies, James graduated college with honors, earning his Bachelor of Management degree from the University of Cape Coast.

James is now both a Chartered Accountant and has completed another degree from the University of Cape Coast Law School. Never forgetting the impact BGCG had on him, James regularly stays in touch with Club leadership and visits Club kids to inspire, mentor, teach, and guide them. His story is sure to inspire future lawyers and accountants!
Tips and Tools
July 2021 Tips For Youth Development Leaders
Glenn Permuy | President & CEO
1. Treat every dollar as if it were your own and model that behavior for all staff, volunteers, and donors. Non-profit funding is a precious commodity that needs to be protected. If it is not, your brand will be damaged along with your organization’s ability to generate support in the future. Be a good steward of the funds received and make sure to adopt and model a culture of treating every dollar as if your life depended on it.
2. Display a “Do Not Settle” attitude. Recognize good work, celebrate success, expect repetition... Read More
Programs and Events
The Power of Social Entrepreneurship
Thursday, July 29
11:00 AM (Eastern U.S. & Canada)
Click here for the time zone converter

You're invited to join an engaging conversation on the Power of Social Entrepreneurship! Webcast participants will learn how Social Entrepreneurship initiatives can help drive innovation, create revenue and economic impact in local communities, and hear a success story direct from one of WFYC’s Affiliate Members.

Managing Challenging Employees
July 1st Webcast
Did you miss our last Webcast? Click here to learn some tips and tricks for how to best manage, guide, and retain your employees. 
Collaborator Resources

We are thrilled to welcome the Sloane Stephens Foundation (SSF) to the WFYC family! Our network of Collaborators for Good continues to grow with committed partners that bring a broad range of resources to the network.


Sloane Stephens, an American tennis player and philanthropist, started SSF with a focus on Education, Tennis, and Community. The foundation assists in developing a constructive future for young people by providing educational opportunities and encouraging healthy lifestyles, proper nutrition, and participation in physical fitness activities. For more information on the Foundation click here.

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