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Develop, advance, and enhance global youth organizations that provide a positive environment and safe place for young people around the world. 
A Message from Jose... On The Lives You Impact

At only six-years-old, Angel already knew what it meant to struggle. His family often collected clothing and food from dumpsters and he rarely knew where his next meal was coming from. He found solace in knowing that a local Boys Club was there for him during his most difficult moments. The Club offered him a safe space, a daily meal, a place to play, and most importantly, caring adults who were passionate about his well-being.


Angel had no idea where the food or games came from or how such an amazing building existed. Angel only knew that The Club was always there and that one staff person named Floyd cared for him and always welcomed him with a smile. The Club was the place where Angel found purpose, belonging, safety, and joy. Angel was a part of an extended family, and while him and his family struggled to keep a home, he knew that the Club was a place where he could feel safe. 

At WFYC, our team is always looking to share resources, provide you with opportunities, and empower you and your organization, so that you too, can provide children like Angel a better shot at life. There are several opportunities that everyone associated with your organization can take advantage of. Our monthly Webcasts are developed with you and your staff in mind. The Promise Awards are not only an opportunity at prizes, but an amazing opportunity at exposure, which can turn into other opportunities, even financial. 


We understand that you are all busy, but please know that we are attempting to lessen your burden by creating opportunities based on your feedback. Angel did not know or even care where the resources came from, but he sure was thankful for the opportunities that changed his life forever. 


Over the years, I have learned of the various reasons why each of you have chosen to do what you do. Not one of you has said that you chose your role for the money. Many of you have left careers as doctors, educators, police officers, social workers, etc., to take on one of the most challenging endeavors: to positively impact the lives of children. Whether you are part of your organization’s leadership team, staff working directly with youth, administrative staff, or a volunteer, you have chosen to dedicate your life to the next generation so that they can have a better shot at life.


Today, as part of the World Federation of Youth Clubs, I, Jose “Angel” Cruz, can share my story. I can put myself, the rest of our team, the resources, the information, and all that we can offer, at your disposal. We may not be a funding organization, but we work hard every day to identify more opportunities for you and your team. This organization is one of a kind, and know that “Angel” thanks you for all that you do. Thanks to the Club, I learned to take advantage of the opportunities that came my way, and I’m hoping that you do the same. Because there are quite a few “Angels” whose story you may not know, or who may not thank you every day, but who will thrive because of people like you and who will be forever grateful for the opportunities that you create for them.  


Please continue to visit, sign up for the next Webcasts, share your stories with us, submit your nominations for the Promise Awards, and be on the lookout for even more opportunities coming your way!


With sincere appreciation,

Jose "Angel" Cruz
Mission Advancement Advisor
New Affiliate Showcase

Welcome our newest Affiliate Member, the Kanungu City of Hope Mission School and After-School Club in Zambia! Currently serving 287 young people from pre-school through 7th grade, this new Affiliate is excited to welcome more children next term as parents become more comfortable with Covid-19 guidelines.


The organization is also working to reach five tribes in the most remote areas of the Western Province, near the Zambia borders with Angola and Namibia, and plans to begin construction on new school facilities this month.

Congratulations to Kanungu City of Hope Mission School and After-School Club on expanding to serve remote children and provide access to educational opportunities and safe spaces to learn and grow!

Affiliate Voices
In April, Edu Act Albania held the National Science Festival in cooperation with the Academy of Sciences of Albania. Held online and in-person, the Festival focused on innovative STEM projects. By coordinating science projects and festivals, Edu Act Albania has been able to develop many activities and help with the professional development of teachers in countries like Belgium, Austria, Portugal, France and England.
Winner’s of the National Science Festival will participate in the European Science Festival in March 2022 in Prague. The focus is on coding in STEM education, promoting STEM subjects in schools, and helping students gain digital competencies. Check out this video of “Shoes-19”, where an Edu Act student developed a sensor designed to help maintain social distancing by setting off an alarm when someone gets closer than 2 meters.
Tips and Tools

Investing in Your Staff and Volunteers

From Glenn Permuy, CEO


High peforming staff and board members are critical to your organization's success. Here are a few of my recommendations for how to retain and build your team and develop future leaders:

  1. Reward key personnel who produce at a high level. Recognition in front of the staff and/or board is a good way to reward high performers and set the tone for others.
  2. Provide opportunities for staff to take on “stretch assignments” that expand their skills as part of their professional development plan. This stretching is good for them personally and provides an opportunity to expand your leadership pool.
  3. Consider a tuition reimbursement or support program for staff that have capacity to make this work into a career. These opportunities foster loyalty, increased skill attainment, and motivation for others.
  4. Make sure to have staff and volunteer appreciation events. It’s important to thank your team through fun, surprising ways such as events, an unexpected day off, and other big and small gestures.
  5. Develop a board member scorecard and provide an opportunity for each board member to conduct a self-assessment each year. Just like staff, board members need feedback on how they are progressing toward their goals and expectations.
  6. Have succession plans in place for important positions. No one can guarantee when staff and board members may move, find other opportunities, or stop performing at an acceptable level, so it is critical to identify and build potential leaders to step in when needed.

If you would like to further explore one or more of these recommendations, please contact the WFYC staff. We would be glad to share our personal experiences in these areas as well as answer any questions you might have.

Programs and Events
UPCOMING: May Webcast
Thursday, May 27
11:00 AM (Eastern U.S. & Canada)

Join WFYC for a conversation with Kelly Crowe from FirstPic as she provides tips, tools, and templates for your fundraising toolkit. Attendees will receive resources to help build budgets, proposals, and a variety of communications to prospective funders. 


Click Here to Register to Attend

UPCOMING: Promise Awards
Application Deadline is May 31!

This new program is designed to raise awareness and support for youth development organizations and the important work that you do.


We are excited to already see some great Affiliate nominations for staff, board members, programs, and youth. Keep submitting them!


Click Here to Learn More & Apply

Collaborator Resources
The Beau Biden Foundation for the Protection of Children believes that child abuse can be prevented by educating adults, developing the skills of child welfare professionals, and strengthening child protection laws.
By providing workshops, programs, and resources, the Beau Biden Foundation provides important tools to help keep children safe. The Foundation has great resources available on their website including free ebooks about child safety online, internet safety & cyberbullying prevention, and family and caretaker resources for internet safety.
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