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Our Mission
Develop, advance, and enhance global youth organizations that provide a positive environment and a safe place for young people around the world.
A Message from Mark About the Road Ahead

Perseverance absent purpose is unproductive. It creates an illusion of accomplishment only to rediscover inertia on the other side of a tumultuous period, along with depleted resources and energy. That’s why outstanding leaders are steadfast in crafting and articulating their vision for the future, and a path to get there. They also fundamentally understand change comes with sacrifice and confidence comes from rising to meet opportunities with optimism and truth.      

Where do we go from here? The recent U.S. elections tested the mettle of this country’s democracy. Our institutions prevailed, but at what costs? What sacrifices were made along the way? Does this experience destine for perseverance without purpose? I remain inspired by the better angels in all of us to do work that elevates goodness, compassion, and fairness. This was on full display when a 22-year-old African American woman stood at the lectern as the youngest inaugural poet in U.S. history and recited these words “And as we lift our gazes not to what stands between us but what stands before us… we close the divide because we know to put our future first, we must first put our differences aside.” You can find her full remarks made at the 46th U.S. Presidential Inauguration here.


Amanda Gorman, like so many young people around the world, is an incredible light of hope and should serve as a reminder of the envisioned future that we as leaders of the World Federation of Youth Clubs must construct a path towards. Yes, there will be obstacles, disagreements, and confrontations along the way. But I encourage you to hold your gaze. As Ms. Gorman so profoundly shared, “for while we have our eyes on the future, history has its eyes on us.”


Mark Shamley
WFYC Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
WFYC Office Update
WFYC has officially moved our office operations from Virginia to Florida.
Our new office address is:
World Federation of Youth Clubs
2145 Metrocenter Boulevard, #150, Orlando, FL 32835
Staff Announcement
Welcome Dawn Nagy

Dawn Nagy joins the WFYC team as our Director of Strategic Advancement. Her career includes over 20 years of experience in the non-profit field with organizations that focus on education, poverty alleviation, and underserved youth. Join us in welcoming Dawn to the WFYC family. We look forward to her contribution to our mission!

Affiliate Highlight

Holiday Cheer for Kids in Colombia

There’s nothing like the holidays to help bring young people a sense of normalcy in a very abnormal time. Fundación Casa Lolita (Club de Niños y Niñas de Caguan) found a great way to bring joy to the youth they serve. 


The team at Club de Niños y Niñas de Caguan reached out to friends, relatives, and community partners to secure gifts for every girl and boy at the Club. The team wanted to make sure that everyone received a quality gift during a fun day of celebration.
By reaching out to their network, the Club was decorated with fun, colorful balloons, paper cutouts, and even a Santa, at little cost. In addition, the Club contacted local media and was featured in the local paper. They also created a recognition wall to highlight those who funded the project and other supporters of their work. Most importantly, they involved their Club members in the planning, setup, and recognition. 
Affiliate Showcase

The Rosarito Beach Boys & Girls Club is Expanding!

Once construction is finished, Rosarito Beach will be able to host up to 600 kids per day!

This little beach town in Baja, California has over 28,000 school kids who have no place to be before and after school. Prevention is imperative, and here at the Club we focus on ensuring kids have the tools necessary to create great positive futures. Our goals for the kids we serve are to: become bilingual, participate in athletics (some kids are already competing internationally), and learn to play a musical instrument – many are already doing stage presentations!

Inspirational Update
Sharon's Transformation at Petros Zoe in Uganda
Even amidst all of the chaos that this past year brought, Petros Zoe has transformed lives through its programs. When the Petros Zoe team met Sharon she was 19 years old and 8 months pregnant. Her mother had died in childbirth and her father disappeared soon after, leaving her grandmother to raise her and her sister. After hearing from her neighbors that Petros Zoe was “the organization that helps pregnant teens,” Sharon’s grandmother brought her in to see if they could help. Some of her family members were struggling with illness and didn’t know how to buy the necessary medication, and Sharon herself needed to safely deliver her baby.
To help find a way to provide for her new baby and sick family members, Sharon joined the Petros Zoe savings group, where she received one-on-one advice on how to start her own small business. After developing a plan and receiving a loan from the savings group, she launched a business selling produce in her community. It wasn’t easy, but after just a couple of weeks Sharon started making a profit. 
Even more impressively, Sharon was able to deposit some savings back into the savings group. For months Sharon has been at the Petros Zoe offices week after week faithfully saving money, paying back her loan, and providing for her family. This year has been one of complete transformation for Sharon and her family!

Does your organization have a youth impact story you’d be willing to share for future newsletters?  Please send a photo and a one paragraph description to

Tip of the Month 
In a year of uncertainty, the services that our Affiliates provide for young people, families and communities is more important than ever. Youth Development professionals face greater challenges and stressors for various reasons, including supporting their own livelihoods. WFYC has had the opportunity to learn about the many realities our Affiliates are facing. Challenges vary greatly from country to country and community to community, with many Affiliates needing to cover basic operational costs.
While in some countries a small grant might help purchase supplies for greater youth involvement, other countries are concerned about keeping their doors open. Take for example the recent news in Mexico, where the minimum wage is set to increase to $141.70 Mexican pesos ($7.24 U.S. dollars) per day. A similar situation exists for many other countries and minimum wage often does not apply to everyone. Many of our affiliates depend on volunteers, but that can only go so far and will most likely not have the consistency in programming that young people need.

While funding has slowed for many nonprofits, there has been an increased interest in youth development work, especially in the areas of social justice, education, and job creation. Our new virtual world has created more opportunities for creative ways to share stories, successes, and needs. The opportunity to highlight what Affiliates do has leveled the playing field when it comes to getting in front of potential funders.
WFYC continues to work with partners, Collaborators for Good, and potential funders to bring resources and opportunities to Affiliates. Continue to take advantage of these resources, including our one-on-one conversations, and feel free to reach out to us for specific needs.
WFYC Programs and Events

Recap – December WFYC Webcast – WFYC Open House

The WFYC Board and Staff held an end of the year informal virtual get together on December 17th. Participants had the opportunity to engage candidly with the staff, but also speak with like-minded Affiliate club staff and volunteers from all over the world.

The virtual session was moderated by WFYC Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Mark Shamley and WFYC Director of Mission Advancement, Jose Cruz. We invite you to listen to/watch the recording even if you couldn’t make it.

Recap – January WFYC Webcast – The S.I. Factor and Social Media

The S.I. Factor is a movement, dedicated to providing the youth of today with the information needed to succeed. S.I. Factor Founder Pattie Ehsaei, shared how she created a series of fun, informational videos for youth, and provided tips on how Affiliates can use video and social media platforms to connect with the youth they serve.

Pattie Ehsaei is the Senior Vice President of Mergers & Acquisitions Lending at First Bank and has been in financial services for over 20 years. She has a passion for working with and educating underserved youth, as she was once part of this demographic. Please click this link to listen to/watch the recording of the webcast.

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- Leveraging What We’ve Learned from the Pandemic to Benefit Youth
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February 25

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- Attract and Retain Youth through Sports Programming

- Increasing Impact through Multi-Sector Strategic Alliances

- From a Cardboard House to the White House

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Collaborator Resources
Keeping kids safe is your #1 priority. WFYC is committed to ensuring all youth have a safe place to learn and grow. The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children provides resources through their KID Smartz® program which provides teaching tools to help inform and instruct professionals working with youth on a range of topics such as personal safety and unwanted touching. These tools are available in English and Spanish and can be found here.
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